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Powering computer graphics innovation for custom carpets

How we helped Alternative Technology tell their story

Deliverables Branding, Web Development
Understanding the Alternative Way Concept to Creation

Alternative Technology is a global company focused on computer graphics innovation for custom carpets. Their products allow rug-makers worldwide to design, market and sell custom rugs even before they are produced.

The corporate website redesign project started with a brief discussion on the concept - to redesign the website to tell a pictorial story of the current and future innovations and how they apply to the industry.

24 Years of Legacy

Alternative Technology started in 1997 with a simple computer program to convert computer artwork into a graph for hand knotting. After its inception, for more than two decades, it has been empowering the custom rug industry, and its products have transformed the way carpets are designed, produced, and marketed. Portraying this rich legacy and the full range of products was both a great opportunity and challenge.

“The team at Esfera picked up on our requirements and redesigned the website with innovative touches of their own, both in design and coding. Satisfied, we assigned them another project too.”

Shreeniwas Sharma

CEO, Alternative technology

Focusing on Story

Given their wide range of products, our approach for the website redesign was to first and foremost focus on The Rug Story.

We crafted a narrative depiction of how Alternative's technologies guide the rug makers through a full rug lifecycle - from concept to creation.

We then wove together Alternative's futuristic solutions like Virtual exhibitions, Rugshare, and other explorations as a continuation of this narrative and as a glimpse into the future.

Perfecting Experience

One of Alternative Technology's key innovations is their life-like rug visualizations - which enable manufacturers to visualize (and even sell!) their custom carpets even before making them. We felt that this was important to showcase, and so, we crafted small UI elements that highlight these visualizations. Similar thought and care were given to other key areas to perfect the visitor experience, and to give them a sense of what makes Alternative's products special.

““Alternative Technology has been pushing forward the frontiers in their industry through their full range of innovative products. Our approach to their corporate website was to focus on the story and let everything else lead from that.””

Baibhav Bista

CTO, Esfera Brandings

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