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How we helped Carfit drive it's ecommerce store

Client Carfit
Deliverables Branding, Shopify Store, Marketing
Specialized in Custom Car Mats

Carfit specializes in custom coil car mats. They offer the best quality car mats at the most affordable prices in Australia. Their mats are water-resistant, fire-proof, anti-slip, and possess a 3-year warranty.

The team at Carfit required an easy-to-manage e-commerce platform complemented by a conversion-focused digital marketing plan. From logo-creation to marketing campaigns, Esfera is working with Carfit as an active partner to increase its brand recognition and boost sales.

Building the Momentum

The team at Carfit needed a partner agency to complement their business idea with amazing design, robust development, and optimized marketing.

Carfit chose Shopify for its ease of operations, logistics, and marketing. Its multi-sales channel functionality enabled easy-integration with Facebook Shop and Google Shop. By unifying their sales channels, they easily manage inventory and update product information across sales channels with ease.

“Thank you Esfera for understanding, visualising and implementing our visions to give us absolute outcome. We are fully satisfied with the website and appreciate your effort in making this happen. Highly recommended!”

Satkar Poudel


Fine-Tuned Store

An e-commerce platform that specialized in custom mats required a fine-tuned store. For Carfit, we designed custom product pages that allowed each customer to place custom orders for their own car model, build, and made-year.

Carfit's store is perpetually being optimized for conversions. We continually track and analyze customer data to improve the content, SEO, and user experience of the online store.

Sustained Marketing

The online sales of Carfit requires continuous efforts across multiple marketing channels. For Carfit, we design and implement sales-focused social media and PPC advertising campaigns.

Our goal is to optimize the reach, engagement, and conversion rate of Carfit's marketing campaigns on the minimum budget possible. We supplement our campaign efforts with effective and frequent communication with the Carfit team to ensure their satisfaction.

“Carfit aspires to be a leading name in the custom car mat business in Australia. We want to be an active partner in Carfit's journey for achieving this feat.”

Shristi Shrestha

CEO, Esfera Brandings

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